Self assess your way to success

  • On: December 19, 2014

Last weekend I attended the Irish Sports Coaches Institute’s annual conference. Guest speaker was renowned strength and conditioning coach, Dan John. If you have even the slightest interest in improving your S&C knowledge then look Dan up, his books “Intervention” and “Mass made simple” are both worth every penny.

One thing he had us do throughout the workshop was self-assess. We were learning assessment techniques that we, as coaches could use with our clients, but all the while he encouraged us to run through self-assessment in our head.

The conference itself was down the other side of Dublin, so I had a two and a half hour drive in front of me when Dan finished up. As a man whose place of work is just across the street from his front door I don’t often find the need to put many miles in on the roads. So, as the long journey began my mind had ample chance to digest everything I’d learnt from the conference. It wasn’t long before my self-assessment went beyond corrective training techniques and on to how I’d found my way to attending such an event at all.

It’s crazy when you think about all the little slices of luck, moments outside of your control and opportunities that present themselves to you along the way that shape where you are in your life now. Take my weekly appearance in this very paper for example. Years ago I trained GL lynchpin Ciaran Woods, a friendship was struck and when the position became available he approached me take the job as he was aware I’d began blogging a few months earlier. If Ciaran had of went to a different trainer we would never have had the opportunity to strike up a relationship, and this very column may never have come to pass!

I strongly recommend you sit back and self-assess the moments that have brought you to where you are today. The ones you have taken control of, and the circumstantial events that have helped give you an edge. Once you can put your finger on what has given you a foot up in the past, it’ll give you a better idea of the things you can do to get ahead in the future.

If there was a style of eating that helped you get leaner and gave you more energy while training, get back at it. If there was a training methodology that stands out in your mind as a time where you made your biggest physical improvements, then look at how you can reintroduce it into your regime.

Look back at the best run of performances you’ve ever put together and try and understand the variables you had in place that helped you to play to your highest level.

Look at opportunities you’ve not taken advantage of, a chance to work with someone who you know can increase your skill, or to train at an elite facility, and learn from those lessons. Don’t let it happen again. When an opportunity presents itself be sure to take advantage of it. Make it count.

That’s your homework this week. Look back on the things that have happened to get you to where you are and use that knowledge to propel yourself forward in your journey toward your ultimate goals!