Online GAA Performance Coaching v.2

After two successful years working with people across the globe with my Six Week Off-Site GAA Program I’ve decided it’s time to shift the goal posts.

Instead of a six week programme where previously I’ve found that things really only fully fall in to place toward the end of our coaching period, I’m doubling the length of time that I’ll be working with you. Across three months you’ll work through two GAA bespoke training programmes, including nutritional and lifestyle advice, tailored to match the goals you set out in our initial consultation.

The nutritional advice and lifestyle hacks that can be the difference between being winning and losing a game have been streamlined in this new GAA coaching programme. They will be consistently applied throughout our 3 months working together instead of unloaded on you in one large information dump at the beginning so we can make sure they are both feasible and effective in helping you reach your goals.

I will be available throughout the three months to help guide you during the programmes and am always on hand to push you through any difficult patches. I’ll monitor your progress and we will make tweaks as necessary to ensure you are maintaining changes and achieving the desired results.

£150 for 12 weeks online coaching. Three £50 payments split across three months. Less than the price of a coffee a day for the time spent working together towards your training goals!

So if you want to get started click the link below and I’ll be in touch shortly to find out more about you and your goals. If you have any questions or want to have a chat first just fire me an email and I’ll be happy to explain everything in more detail –

The ball is in your court!