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About PG the PT

I’m the guy people go to when they want to up their game. I’m a Personal Trainer, S&C enthusiast and a Body Type Nutrition Academy Graduate. Truthfully though, as impressive as those qualifications are when combined with almost a decade of experience, this ‘about me’ shouldn’t really be about me at all. It’s about you.

YOU have landed at this page so that YOU can improve YOU.

My Off-Site Coaching Programme is a six week project that will take your game to the next level. Not only will you be given dietary guidance, training programming and constant support and motivation, I will give you the ‘why’ behind it all. I want to educate you so that once our six weeks is over you know exactly what you need to do to continue your progress.

All I want from you for now is to join my mailing list and get your daily dose of training tips, nutritional advice and tales from behind the scenes at PGthePT Towers!

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Off-Site Programming Services

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Fat Loss

When performance is your key goal, shedding those extra few pounds will help accelerate your progress. Fat loss is achieved by creating a healthy calorie deficit, and that's what you will be doing when we combine a healthy approach to diet and training programme.

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Muscle Gain

Adding lean muscle to your frame is going to be key to improving your sports performance. The opposite of fat loss, to build lean muscle we need to create a calorie surplus. That'll be done by carefully crafting a diet plan that complements the individualised training programme you receive on the coaching service.

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Athletic Performance

I want to help you move better, run faster, jump higher and become stronger. If you stick to the plan I will deliver the program that takes your athletic performance to the next level.

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Nutritional Guidance

It's one thing firing out a diet plan to follow, it's a whole other ball game understanding why you're eating it. I'm going to take you point by point through your current diet and goals with a full evaluation, then create a diet that matches your ambitions.

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Performance Mentoring

Training and diet may be where you see the biggest physical changes through this programme, but success often starts and ends with mindset. That's where my experience with high level performers will come in and help bring you on to the next level in those moments of doubt or uncertainty. This is YOUR journey, but I'll always be there pointing you in the right direction.


See what some of my clients have had to say about their experience and results with PG the PT!

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Gary McDaid
Donegal Senior Championship winning manager of Glenswilly

"A very informative, witty, funny, interesting and educational workshop by PG. The sample plans were very useful to the players on building a solid nutritional base, with the presentation availability there to back up any uncertainties the players had and also there to keep them refreshed throughout the season. Quality nutritional advice made simple for your everyday player."

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Mattie Donnelly
Ireland, Tyrone and UUJ Footballer

"Training with Pauric will now be a regular occurrence for me! After every session I've felt extremely confident about facing the challenges that lay ahead...he tests you extremely hard but in a way which is measured and methodical! You leave the edge a better athlete than you enter it mentally and physically!"

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Joanne Donnelly
Ladies GAA Ulster Club Champion

"Pauric provided me with a balanced and challenging training programme in which I saw a dramatic increase in strength, endurance and overall fitness. Each week I have felt a buzz when I have smashed a new PB or increased my weights for my work out and Pauric was there every step of the way with guidance and encouragement."

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R. O'Neill
Tyrone and Omagh Star

"Pauric has pushed me to improve in every aspect of my game. His attention to detail and his willingness to get every ounce out of me to improve is phenomenal. Anyone looking to take their health, fitness, lifestyle or their specific sport to the next level then get in touch with Pauric as it will be life changing!"

Assoicated bodies

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Should GAA go professional?

November 19, 2014

I was lucky enough to chat to a few of the guys representing Ireland in the International Rules series before they set off for Australia, and one thing that was an ever present in each conversation was how much they were looking forward to a glimpse of what being a professional athlete was.

I’m not sure they are aware that the level of commitment, mental discipline, effort in training and in diet when combined with the raw ability they’ve been given and crafted over the years is comparable to most other professional athletes across the world.

Such is the line between top amateur and professional nowadays. It also points toward why the peak age of our star GAA players is dropping. Only those able to commit so fully to diet and training, both in the gym and on the field, are the ones who can

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Self assess your way to success

December 19, 2014

Last weekend I attended the Irish Sports Coaches Institute’s annual conference. Guest speaker was renowned strength and conditioning coach, Dan John. If you have even the slightest interest in improving your S&C knowledge then look Dan up, his books “Intervention” and “Mass made simple” are both worth every penny.

One thing he had us do throughout the workshop was self-assess. We were learning assessment techniques that we, as coaches could use with our clients, but all the while he encouraged us to run through self-assessment in our head.

The conference itself was down the other side of Dublin, so I had a two and a half hour drive in front of me when Dan finished up. As a man whose place of work is just across the street

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